Billy Dec, CEO and founder of the vintage-themed Underground Cocktail Club in Chicago and The Gulch favorite Sunda New Asian, is setting his sights on the Nashville nightlife center Printer’s Alley as the next home of the Underground Cocktail Club.

A retail lease for the Underground Cocktail Club has been signed with private equity real estate investment and operating firm Unico Properties LLC. Unico has been transforming Printer’s Alley into an appealing restaurant destination, and its deal with the Underground Cocktail Club will mark its first project with a retail tenant in the area. The brand new location will be a 5,460-square-foot space at One Nashville at 150 Fourth Ave. N.

“It’s been our happy home for five years, it’s where we have committed to being a true part of the community — to contribute, grow, entertain, support — and it proved with Sunda in The Gulch to be a super successful fit for us to expand our offerings to,” Dec explained, breaking down the Underground Cocktail Club’s downtown Nashville expansion.

“That and while the world shut down in 2020, I began to do a lot of research with our advertising agency COACT, projecting what the future might look like by going back in time to the roaring twenties. Fascinated by evolutions in music, cocktails, fashion, women’s expression – it inspired me to create Cocktail Club, and then I learned about the history of Printer’s Alley in the twenties and it all fit together perfectly.”

Luxurious and unpredictable is a simplified description of how a night well spent at the Underground Cocktail Club is expected to be. It’s supposed to be an experience that changes as the evening goes on, reminiscent to that of a classic 1920s cocktail club. From how the interior will be designed to the high quality menu, the Underground Cocktail Club will pay an homage to Printer’s Alley history as an entertainment district while simultaneously incorporating modern and “cutting-edge” features.

Dec believes such elements will help the establishment stand out amongst other venues nearby, “The evolutions in the roaring twenties around design, celebration, female expression really inspired some beautiful upscale feminine design highlights in the Chicago original that I think will be equally refreshing, desired and celebrated in Nashville!”

Unico Properties Senior Vice President and Regional Director Andrew Cox contributed, “Our goal with the space was two-fold: we wanted to provide more of a connection between the traditional Printer’s Alley corridor and Commerce/Broadway, and we also wanted to provide an exciting amenity for our tenants at One Nashville. The Underground Cocktail Club is poised to achieve both goals and we couldn’t be more excited about their vision for the space.”

Building the Underground Cocktail Club has been a process that is greatly loyal to Nashville as well. The talent tasked with tackling the architectural planning, designing and general contracting are all locals. Therefore, the Underground Cocktail Club will be the definition of made by Nashville for Nashville.

According to Dec, “For five years, fellow Nashville locals and regulars at Sunda, music industry friends – all that are super familiar with our venues in Chicago – have asked to please open something cool they can enjoy at night (particularly after dinner), that is new and different from what the tourists over crowd. So perhaps that plus a very cool stage over the bar, classic cocktails, upscale decor and service could better predict those that might love The Underground Cocktail Club the most!”

However, the crowd drawn to the club isn’t only expected to be comprised of those who live in town. Both Dec and Unico made it clear in a press release statement that visitors are just as welcome to get lost in Printer’s Alley’s one-of-a-kind Gatsby-esque fantasy.

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