CHICAGO — This Valentine’s Day step back in time to your love is timeless.

The Underground Cocktail Club pays homage to the Roaring 20’s with its speakeasy vibes and its modern take on the jazz age.

You’ll find craft cocktails, choreographed big-band-like live performances and support for local stage talent.

“Just as the country’s emergence from the pandemic of 1918 brought about the Roaring Twenties, we’re coming out of the fog and isolation of the COVID pandemic with a newfound exuberance for artistic expression—fashion, music, art and culture,” says owner and long-time Chicago impresario Billy Dec.

The dreamy interior was created by the all-female team and Chicago-based PROjECT, to bring to life what the decade meant for liberation and love in Chicago with rose gold mirrors, feather plumes and flickering streetlamps.

“In the 1920s, Chicago became an epicenter for jazz and provided people, women in particular, with an outlet for rebellious, independent, carefree and empowered expression of self,” says Lauren Warnock, Director of Design at PROjECT, and the lead designer for The Cocktail Club. “The Cocktail Club was designed as an homage to what a pivotal decade the ’20s were for liberation and love.”

The venue has a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that’s hotsy-totosy with all the cats and kittens.

In addition to a dreamy interior aesthetic, The Cocktail Club promises elevated cocktail service (think rare bottle service, smart Champagnes and wines, and oversize ice blocks), 1900’s decade-hopping DJ sets with intertwined jazz interludes, and live entertainment that run the gamut from theatrics and drag queen shows to choreographed dance and wild performance art

They’re open Fridays and Saturdays.

“The COVID pandemic has wiped out all too many live music and nightclub venues across the country,” adds Dec. “Historically, nightclubs have had a pivotal role in cultural evolution. Having thrived in the nightlife industry with venues like Circus, Le Passage, Rockit, The Underground and more, we see it as a major responsibility, almost our duty, to bring back and elevate community platforms and stages so people can come together to share and celebrate music, fashion, dance, art, design and culture. We look forward to constantly elevating and innovating our industry and community with experiences that are fueled with creativity, top-drawer service and positive energy.”

You can find more information on the Underground Cocktail Club here.

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